Willie And The Po' Boys


Willie Rencher

Willie Rencher generates the excitement, humor, amazement, dance and audience participation that will bring any audience to their feet every time he steps on stage. His career as a vocalist and showman began in Chicago, more than a few years ago. Over those years, he's travled around the country entertaining audiences of all ages at engagements large and small, always captivating the crowds with an abundance of energy and a voice that speaks to the heart and soul with a confidence that only comes through expereience.

Rick Pickett

Rick Pickett (bass guitar) is half of the rhythm section and backbone of the Po' Boys infectiously danceable sound. He's been Wille's close friend and bandmate for decades now. In addition to keeping the bottom end sweet and punchy Rick lays down killer harmonies to Willie's soulful voice, and even sings lead on a few tunes to ensure you hear a variety that keeps the Po' Boys sound fresh.

Randy Bernstein

Randy Bernstein is nothing short of exceptional on (lead/rhythm guitar). Close your eyes and you'll swear that Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana or any of the other great guitar legends had joined the Po' Boys on stage. Randy uses his vocal talents to fill out the Po' Boys' harmonies and belt out tunes from his personal guitar heros - all to your delight.

Steven Ross

Steven Ross (drums) is the other half of the rhythm section, providing a back beat that keeps the band right in the pocket. Steve has been performing for over 35 years both nationally and internationally. While laying down a rhythmic groove, Steve also supplies the upper harmonies to further fill out the soulful sound. He also sings lead vocals on several tunes from the Po’ Boy’s song list.

Vic Prepp

Vic Prep's lifetime pursuit and love of music has focused him on using the (keyboards) for his musical expression and creativity. Although being classically trained for many years, Vic loves pumping out Funk rhythms, a honkytonk piano riff, blending in a synthesizer solo, and supporting a Lead Vocal. Vic has conducted an orchestra, been musical director for a Las Vegas style Elvis floorshow, played in Jazz quartets, orchestrated vocal arrangements, and performed in several contemporary music groups and ensembles from Philadelphia to Denver. Vic is a sound recording engineer, specializing in digital recordings for many artists. His decades of performing experience include projects from Big Band Swing, Jazz, Rock, Funk, and R&B/Soul.


Zach (keyboards) Admittedly cannot sing and cannot dance, however, is still entirely moved by the groove of the 70s, not to mention remains addicted to those "old hippy blues" riffs and energized by some of the craftier power rock as well. Zach mostly loves to compose in the moment (play by accident) and, loving the variety of stuff played by Willie and the Po' Boys, does not rule out too much. When he is not busy practicing or learning new tunes, it is highly likely he will be found inventing and recording some of his own.

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